Bertram K PhD has a team of people who have travelled a lot. They have learned more than hairdressers normally do: Bertram K does not only pay attention to using the best products and offering friendly high-quality service in his salon; no, he wants more than just that. He regularly takes his team members along to big shows and seminars around the globe so that they get better in their craft and can dive into and learn from this world of presentation, demonstration and teaching.

Bertram K: „Every journey is inspiring. No show, no seminar is the same. Every time you are faced with new conditions and challenges. This way, my staff gets a special kind of training and develops strength of nerve, both of which are very beneficial for the everyday work in the salon. Hardly any other hairdresser gets as much practice with the latest products, innovations and techniques.“ The team is happy and repays for this special training by their loyalty to and enthusiasm about Bertram K and the PhD Salon.


Bertram K lives for the training and the advancement of the hairdressing craft. Of course, this is particularly important for him for his own staff. In this context, apprentice training is of great significance to him: „This is where everything begins. Here it is decided whether after the apprenticeship you will be a hairdresser with passion and vocation or not. In the end, this is what counts.“

It is not for nothing that many of his former employees ventured forth with their own vision of the hairdressing profession: some have started their own business, some have successfully taken over their parents’ salon and others have moved abroad. But all have stayed true to their profession and their vocation. Bertram K is convinced: „Be passionate about what you do – then your profession is vocation and fulfilment at the same time. And never stop learning and developing further – then not much can go wrong.”

For Bertram K an organic team is important. „Every new member adds new experiences, viewpoints, impulses and challenges to the team and the salon. I see myself as the foundation, as a milestone of my staff members’ careers. For a certain time they learn important things from me for their future career and then it’s time to move on. It was the same for myself. If I hadn’t gone to London back then I wouldn’t be where I am now. That’s the reason why I always support my people when they are ready to move on. And I’m always happy when they let me take part in their success by staying in touch with me, the salon and the team.“

Of course, there also has to be joy and fun. This is why the relationship between the boss and the employees is a personal one. They often go on excursions together and after a good day they go for dinner together and talk. „We are a family. In a family one shares joy and suffering. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we laugh. The passion for hairdressing simply connects us.“