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The different seminar types are very much characterised by Cut & Colour. Bertram K and/or his team present current cutting techniques that were developed and internationally tested by him. The effectiveness and versatility of the used techniques and matching products are analysed. Furthermore, an introduction is given to the following topics: improvement of capacity utilisation; rationalisation at the workplace; change and flexibilisation in crafts regarding quality and productivity. All following Bertram K’s motto “MINIMUM EFFORT – MAXIMUM EFFECT“

Seminar Overview:

  • BERTRAM K – C&C; Seminar at your salon
  • ONE ON ONE – Seminar for one person
  • LOOK ON – Special for one person
  • HAVE A BREAK IN VIENNA – C&C; Seminar + Show
  • STAGE TRAINING – Seminar

BERTRAM K – Cut & Colour Seminar at your salon

In this seminar, Bertram K offers classical on-site salon training for your staff. The programme and the content can be planned individually based upon your requirements and needs: cut, colour, styling on real models and/or mannequin heads – depending on your ideas and wishes. 

  • Seminar: BERTRAM K – C&C; Seminar at your salon
  • Number of participants: flexible
  • Duration: 1 day or more
  • Location: in your salon
  • Price: within Austria (incl. 1 assistant) € 2,000.00; travel expenses and accommodation costs are charged extra.
    Outside of Austria: upon request

ONE ON ONE – Seminar for one person

During this very intensive one-on-one training, Bertram K teaches his trainee up to 10 different haircuts within one or two days. The different cutting techniques are performed on mannequin heads as well as on live models.

  • Seminar: ONE ON ONE
  • Number of participants: one person
  • Duration: 1 or 2 days
  • Location: Salon Bertram K PhD, 1070 Vienna, Neubaugasse 28/3/1
  • Price: € 2,000.00 (one day); € 3,000.00 (for two days) – without food and accommodation.

LOOK ON – Special for one person

Experiencing one day of “pure action” with Bertram K in his own salon! Taking a close look at Bertram K working and interacting with his own customers in his salon. This special is recommended particularly for those who have already attended a seminar and would like to experience and observe how what they learned is carried out in an everyday life salon situation. Incl. preparatory talk and debriefing as well as explanations. 

  • Special: LOOK ON
  • Number of participants: one person
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: Salon Bertram K PhD, 1070 Vienna, Neubaugasse 28/3/1
  • Price: € 300.00 (one day), without food and accommodation.

HAVE A BREAK IN VIENNA – Cut & Colour Seminar + Show

This truly extraordinary two-day seminar is mainly suited for an unforgettable works outting with your employees. Many national and international hairdressers have enjoyed this combination of Cut & Colour training, show and Vienna’s special flair. 

DAY 1: CUT & COLOUR Seminar with Bertram K

  • Live demo of 5 models with haircut & colour techniques
  • Subsequent training session of 4 haircuts with 1 mannequin head per participant
  • „The Bertram K MUMOK Experience“ – building the brigde to „it“-looks at Museum of Modern Art Vienna 
  • Special treat: Artistic painting session on styrofoam heads – the starting point to one’s own creativity

DAY 2: CUT & COLOUR Styling with Bertram K

  • Live demo of 5 models with haircut, colour technique and styling step by step
  • Subsequent training session of 4 haircuts with 1 mannequin head per participant 
  • „Bertram K surprise act“: Glamourous hair updo demo by Bertram K in a unique, beautiful location: the Giant Wheel Vienna 
  • Seminar: HAVE A BREAK IN VIENNA – Seminar
  • Number of participants: between 5 and 50 people
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location:
    Between 5 and 20 people: Salon PhD, 1070 Vienna, Neubaugasse 28/3/1
    Between 20 and 50 people: L’Oréal Academy, 1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 8
  • Price: depending on the number of participants, upon request; lunch included on both days, without accommodation and extra food.


During this seminar, L’Oréal Professionnel’s most booked stage artist worldwide, Bertram K, offers insights into his more than 10 years of work as stage moderator. If you have the wish to become active in the hairdressing business – by performing on stage, in shows and in seminars – then this seminar is for you. In addition to an introduction into the basic work of a stage moderator and into stage work per se, Bertram K also teaches you some insights into the coordination and planning of this kind of events. In closing, you get the opportunity to make your first attempt on “stage”, giving your first moderation in front of Bertram K. Including debriefing. 

  • Seminar: STAGE TRAINING 
  • Number of participants: between 1 and 10 people
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: Salon Bertram K PhD, 1070 Vienna, Neubaugasse 28/3/1 or L’Oréal Academy, 1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 8
  • Price: € 2,600.00 per person; without accommodation and food. (discount possible for more than 5 people)

TOOLS Bertram K

Bertram K Scissors
For a hairdresser, the eyes are his most important instruments. The extension of the eyes – the hand – uses the tools. That’s why Bertram K – through many years of experience – has developed the ideal tool for his techniques. He provides every hairdresser with what at the moment he sees as the optimum of functioning scissors. Bertram K’s future experience and work fields are going to inspire him to continuously improve the product so that it fits new needs. Size: 6.3”.

Bertram K Razor
The blades of this ergonomically shaped razor are exchangeable and adapted for the blades of the brand Feather.

Bertram K Bürste
Bertram K – international Ambassador of DENMAN – got his own brush created based on the long term cooperation. You can order it here under “D3”.

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