Applies to all services: styling- and care products which are specifically fitted to the needs of the customer and the hair are included in the price.

After the personal consultation the hair is washed and – if needed – treated with a care product. Afterwards, the hair is blow-dried into the desired form and styled according to the customer’s wishes

Like „wash & style“, but after the blow-drying the hair is treated with the steam hair straightener. For this, more time has to be scheduled. However, this treatment is more gentle on the hair and it lasts longer.

This is similar to „wash & style“ but of course the hair is also cut based on the customer’s wishes and the personal consultation.
The roots are dyed tone-in-tone or darker, depending on the starting basis.

When you have bleached hair, strands or balayage effect, the hairline is adjusted with the technique.

For brightening the roots – except for the ones mentioned above – please contact our team.

The hair is dyed completely either tone-in-tone or darker, i.e. from the roots to the hair tips.

The hair is lightened or bleached – based on the starting basis.

For major colour changes – no matter if darker or lighter – we kindly ask you to agree a free consultation appointment with us in order to minimize your expenditure of time and money.

Classical highlights make the hair appear lighter overall and are therefore a good alternative to bleach the hair completely. Depending on how intense the brightening effect should be, the bright highlights are created only in the top hair or in the entire hair. For this, the hair is separated with a comb and packed in foil.

Babylights, the latest trend in hair highlighting, is the process of adding a shimmer of delicate, natural-looking highlights similar to those that might have appeared after a summer basking in the sun as a child. The process involves micro-attention to precise hair highlighting, resulting in subtle highlights that are often brighter around the face, the crown, and at the bottom of the hair.

Under this special strands-technique, which conjures up a natural look in the hair, one understands a freehand technique in which the colour is drawn freehand by the hairdresser into the hair.

With this technique, only a certain degree of lightening can be created. For hair which is shoulder-length or longer, more time has to be scheduled.

The term ombré comes from the French word meaning “to shade,” and describes the gradual blending of one color to another. In most cases the hair gets lighter from the mid-length through the ends. For this technique more time has to be scheduled (depending on hair length and degree of lightening).
A Glossing service is a semi-permanent color service that enhances, enriches and tones natural or color-treated hair. It adds shine and provides intense care for your hair, leaving it looking soft and beautiful.
This service covers a man’s grays.
During the colouration process, the individual hair fibres are split so that the colour can be stored inside. With Smartbond / Olaplex a substance is brought in which repairs the sulfur bridges. The hair’s sulfur bridges connect individual strands of hair with each other and make the hair look healthy and shiny. In particular for extreme colour changes Smartbond/Olaplex is an effective and necessary aid for the hair – however, not a panacea.
For bleaching pigments are extracted out oft the hair; for tinting and colouring the pigments are stored inside the hair. The colour storage is stronger when colouring the hair than when tinting.

During the application two components – a colour cream and an oxydant – are mixed together. Also so-called Intensive Tint in any case consist of these two components, however they wash out over time but never entirely. Furthermore, there are the so-called lightening nuances amongst the colouration series. Those are formulations that light up the hair up to three nuances while at the same time storing permanent colour reflexes into the hair.



Coloration is no longer just a necessity for gray hair coverage, but a way to express one’s own personality and individuality. For individual realization of these trends, we trust in the salon the products and services of L’Oréal Professionnel: especially on the coloration of the future, INOA. With the launch of INOA, L’Oréal Professionnel set new standards in October 2009. Since then, the coloration has inspired millions of women.

Thanks to its revolutionary ODS (Oil Delivery System) technology, INOA, without ammonia and odor, provides optimized hair protection and maximum comfort for the scalp.

The result is impressive: radiant reflexes, effective protection of the hair and impressive shine as well as incredible color fidelity at 100% opacity. The intensive tint DIA is the perfect complement to INOA and allows us to offer you a completely ammonia-free coloration service.


Technological know-how and artistic individuality combined in a professional styling brand. Developed by backstage styling icon Anthony Turner (stylist at Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, etc.) and his international team of experts to which Bertram K is a personal member, TECNI.ART has the best professional formulas available. Tested under extreme backstage conditions, they guarantee perfect styling of every current trend with a long-lasting result.

DENMAN Bürsten

Denman hairbrushes – such as the world-renowned Denman Classic Styling Brush – are exported to 60 countries. Denman hairbrushes are well known and famous in the hairdressing industry. Bertram K has been „International Ambassador of Denman“ since 2014 and for sure got his own brush – used and available in the salon.


Founded in 1961, Babyliss quickly became one of the leading experts in hair care and cosmetics. Numerous innovations shaped the company’s history, which has repeatedly set milestones across the industry: from heated hair curlers to hot air brushes and electric hair straighteners to professional-grade hair dryers.

At the salon Bertram K PhD – Bertram has been the International Ambassador for Babyliss Pro since 2016 – also Babyliss Pro tools are used.

Scissors by Bertram K

Since 2014, Bertram K has been running his own scissors and razor collection. More information at Bertram K Tools