SHOWS by Bertram K

Thousands of people – hairdressers like Bertram K – queue up because they want to see the “genius of the scissors”, as his colleagues and the press like to call Bertram K, live on stage.
A show just to watch somebody who cuts hair? Absolutely! And what shows these are! The light effects, the music, the models, the creations, the sparkle, the entertainment: everything is perfectly-matched when again and again new highlights in the art of cutting and styling are created and presented.
But, at least for Bertram K, these events are about much more than this: They are about offering a complete package, covering hair dressing techniques, dexterity, entrepreneurship, innovative spirit and delight in experimentation.
“For me it’s not about presenting a special cutting technique or a particularly good styling with a lot of effect and glamour. Rather, it’s about pointing out to the other hairdressers who they are, what they are and most of all that they should be proud of themselves and their work.“


Bertram K knows much and knows many. For his work in the seminar and show business he has travelled to five continents and over 40 countries within the last 10 years. Why is stage work still so important for him and most of all, why is he still booked so well?
Because Bertram K does not only offer a good show but much, much more than that: passion and efficiency. A lack of efficiency and sometimes also a lack of innovative spirit in his profession bother Bertram K a lot.
“We should no longer practice our profession like 20 years ago but we should participate in a new way: we must dare to do things differently: more effectively, more efficiently, more innovatively. Some haircuts need 20 – trained – steps in order to be completed. However, it’s also possible with five steps – with the same if not with a better effect and with much less effort. That’s what it is all about.“
Another important concern of Bertram K is to help his colleagues find their very own Unique Selling Proposition. “Who are you? What’s your absolute speciality that makes you different from all the other hairdressers? Only once you’ve found the answers to these questions you can successfully build up your career and your own business”, Bertram K is convinced.
Re-innovating, creating a brand that uses the new media as well as the traditional arts as info-pool and source of inspiration, experimenting with products instead of following the user instructions, never stopping to train further, being proud of one’s work and profession: Bertram K wraps up all this – together with a master haircut, a hip styling, a lot of music and light effects as well as a lot of glamour – into his shows.
Probably this is the reason why after all this time and as L’Oréal’s most booked stage artist worldwide, thousands of hairdressers are still coming to his shows: not just to see him cut and style but – in addition to the great show – to be inspired by the “Master of Entertainment”.