„When people come to me their hair tells me a story. It’s a hairdresser’s job to turn it into a fabulous one.“ Bertram K

That’s the reason why the credo of Bertram K PhD is:

„The hair is telling me exactly how my customer is doing. Is (s)he happy, stressed, worried or relaxed? Hair reflects medium-term changes in our life very well. Every time, this has to be taken into consideration when it comes to using care and styling products but most of all regarding the cut. For this reason, at Bertram K PhD there is no „like always“. Hair is vibrant, it grows, it changes – it represents us each and every day. It is also – together with our styling – our most powerful means to present ourselves: „Hello, here I am and this is how I am.“

“As mentioned, the hair tells me the story of the past. The customer tells me the story of the future through his/her wishes and visions. We put these two stories together to create an aesthetic, individual, matching whole in the present. That’s our passion – each and every day.“


For Bertram K and his team it is very important that the customers feel welcome and comfortable. The internationally well-known hairdresser sees relaxed interpersonal relations as the key to success. Knowing somebody is the foundation for being able to develop a fitting, individual hair cut for each customer. The perfect form has to be developed which should not only be an easy everyday life, „ready to wear“-style but which should also offer the possibility to be turned into something extraordinary for a special evening. Bertram K’s activities as an International Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel assure that he and his team are always up to date regarding innovations, collections and new product developments on the market. Welcome to Bertram K PhD, the innovative and personal hairdressing salon!